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BizIT Global develops software and applications on demand...

Our Quality Policy

The Quality Management System of Bizit Global S.A., has been conceived with the purpose of becoming a leading software development company worldwide with levels of excellence in terms of quality.

We aim at a constant research in the field of new technologies that allows us to master cutting edge tools to put them at the service of the companies that trust us.

We are convinced that continuous training, is key to the professional development of our employees.

We use a Work methodology that includes controls and monitoring of projects that allow us to ensure the quality of our work.

The degree of satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders feeds us constantly and allows us to fulfill our main objective: to grow and expand.


It assumes the commitment to analyze and comply with the applicable requirements for all interested parties, in each of the projects in which it participates.

It assumes the commitment to continuous improvement as a means to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers and stakeholders, as well as the effectiveness of the Quality Management system.

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What We Do

Mobile Development

Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for low-power handheld devices.

Outsourcing It services

Our services can provide the people to execute your plan, the outsourcing framework to minimize your costs and provide flexibility in your projects, and the talent to succeed.

Custom Software & APPS

J2ME, .NetCF, BES, Android (1Q 2011) Adapt CRM, SFA, ERP + Geotracking, and more...

Agile Methodologys

BIZIT GLOBAL is now offering its knowledge in advanced technologies to provide our clientes the resources to acomplish their goals.

We’re ready and waiting to help you.

We strive to achieve excellence in the fields of software development and technology in general, applying all our efforts to the satisfaction of our clients, both external and internal, and our associates, in order to promote research, technology development, and the conception of software as a final product.