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Claro – América Móvil Inc.

The Client
Claro currently disputes the leading position as wireless carrier with two multinational companies in Latin America. It is a subsidiary of América Móvil Inc. which in turn operates in 18 countries in Latin America, with over 180 million lines. Claro Argentina is responsible for operations, sales and billing for Uruguay, Paraguay as well as Argentina.

Case Study
Claro Argentina needed an access control system for its remote carrier sites, normally accessed by third party contractors for maintenance, antenna installation, and troubleshooting. This system needed to control all sites in 3 different countries. The existing system consisted of an IVR-based solution, which was costly and inadequate due to delays and congestion in the installed line capacity.

Primary Objectives

Accelerate the process access control for third party technical personnel to the wireless sites Automate the control process and free NOC personnel of the time-consuming task of manually controlling the process.

Utilize a simple and practical application that would enables correct and efficient use of available resources. Solution: SMS External Personnel Site Entrance Control The approach used for this problem was to utilize existing SMS and MMS capacity, in order to automate the authorization process, allowing as well for the remote and centralized supervision of access to key areas of the company's sites. This application permits for optimum availability for all carriers, as well as a very simple and flexible tool for the administrators and the users.

Key benefits
Eliminate IVR congestion in the system used Validate authorized personnel, independently of the wireless carrier used by its staff (ANI validation) Highest SLA (24/7) on access-control system. Make all critical access information readily available (entry, exit, date, time, name of personnel, sites) Integrate access-control system to existing applications in the company. Speed up access-control authorization process, free NOC personnel of time-consuming tasks.

Applied technology
Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL SERVER