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Niche social network application

This social network platform is for golf players, and offers two different features in its original phase, aligned with specific marketing needs: In Personal Mode: Players can make up their own clubs with their friends to compete, each one playing in their golf course, wherever they may be; In Corporate Mode: Players can take part in corporate clubs, participating in company tournaments or other similar events, where they can compete for specific prizes, thus taking part in directed marketing campaigns.

This network allows players to compare their handicaps and the different golf courses, allowing them to compete simultaneously on golf courses of their choosing (usually golf courses they play in regularly). In any of the two modes chosen, the mechanism is basically the same: after playing and uploading their scorecard on GloferStation.Com, the player will be able to compete with fellow players on private tournaments or on corporate tournaments, using always the same scorecard. Only in Argentina, there are over 60.000 golfers with handicap and another 50.000 without a national handicap. GolferStation.Com has already uploaded the data for over 170 golf courses in Argentina, and will continue to upload the data for the rest of the golf courses.

Registered golf players are able to load golf courses of their choice. This applies worldwide. In the "Friend's Club" section, golfers can create their own virtual clubs, and invite friends to join them. Each new member of these virtual clubs can then challenge the rest of the players, creating games in different concurrent modes, without having to play on the same golf course. No matter where they play, all friends compete. Additionally, they can assign different points to each game, analyze results and exchange comments on the games played in the forum of the club.

The "Corporate Club" is special for company sponsorships: it adopts the same basic structure used in "Friends' Clubs" but applies a "Private Club" approach. In this space, companies will have the chance to segment golfers in order to carry out specific company-related actions and/or marketing campaigns. Key features Customer / vendor / operator management Golf course upload / edit Custom look & feel for corporate, private, club use. Applied technologies Development: Microsoft Visual Studio, MS C#, MS ASP,MS .Net 2.0, MS Active Directory – Database: MS SQL Server