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Industrial Info Resources

The Client
Industrial Info Resources,, is located in Sugar Land, Texas, and is the leading provider of global industrial market intelligence. Since 1983, it has provided clients with the most accurate and timely information based on the highest-quality control standards in the industry. With their services, clients are able to achieve higher visibility, becoming more effective in their sales and marketing strategies, and reduce the amount of time spent prospecting, making new relationships possible and sales goals obtainable.

Case study
Faced with the prospect of a rapidly growing business environment, and constraints brought about by out-of-date technology, IIR faced the challenge to provide a new, scalable and robust system that would be able to support 6,000 concurrent users, around the world, through the Internet. In the year 2005, when the first steps were taken to overhaul the existing technology, software to load the information in remote mode was used, causing bottlenecks at the closing of each month.

Solution provided
Development of a innovative platform in flexible architecture, easily adaptable to the requirements of the specific business needs of the company and its time to market, reducing operative cost. BizIT Global's proposal included a solution based on Services-oriented architecture (SOA) with two main focus points: Interface-Level Solution: Based on the idea to reduce the server processing times, using a technology that could download the processing in the client, and in this way reduce traffic in the server. Business Process: Based on scalable services.

Architecture: general concepts

Client Side: It represents the applications which interact with the Cluster Framework. These applications can be in any technology like Flex, JSP, JSF, ASP.NET etc. Application Server: represents the container of LiveCycle server, the session manager, the engine to send JMS messages and the layer of each Application that exposes the objects permitted to be used remotely by LiveCycle and encapsulates sending messages to the NV core.

In this layer there is a proxy that interacts with a session manager to take care about the control of the session of each client and the permissions to use the application and methods of the core. NV Middle Tier: Is the Core of the Framework. Allow communication being uncoupled, based on message services between the front-end and back-end. Ensures that all requests of the customers are served thank to a cluster-based infrastructure. Business Logic Layer: Here is where the business logic of each one of the applications resides, and where the programmer can retrieve, insert, update, use, etc. data from the database. In this layer, the architecture follows the better habits of the Spring Framework even for the management of the pool connection with the database. Data Base Cluster: This layer is not itself part of the framework, simply named to give a final idea of the architecture and reflect that it is possible to mount it into a cluster if the type of database supports it.

Applied technology
Development: Java J2ee, Spring Framework Adobe Flex, Livecicle , JMS, Tomcat, Bean shell Database: Oracle.