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Sykes Enterprises Inc.

Sykes Enterprises Inc., provides BPO services to companies around the world. With 45 service centers in 19 countries, and over 26,000 employees, Sykes provides services for leading companies in the most competitive markets.

The company handled deposit, stock and goods management manually, in a time-consuming task, in order to control and register the inventory of their deposits, as well as the movement of their assets, combining different areas of the company.

To improve the management of goods inventory and deposit, also all the areas to have a correct monitoring of things in a centralized way. Solution provided: Inventory system Bizit Global developed a custom-built software application to manage deposit inventories, enabling the registration of all company assets, providing optimum monitoring of every movement of hardware and materials, status, area of the company where it is located, history of its placements, and the users responsible in every moment. The application allows for the management of several areas as independent inventories.

Applied technology
Development: Microsoft Visual Studio, MS C#, MS ASP,MS .Net 2.0, MS Active Directory Data Base: MS SQL Server