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Continuing Training

For the last 5 years BIZIT implemented continuous training in English Language

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A aprender en Silicom Valley

Acaba de regresar el grupo de empresarios tecnológicos de Córdoba que visitó Silicon Valley, la región de Estados Unidos que se convirtió en el centro líder para la innovación y el desarrollo de la alta tecnología.

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Capacitaciones in Company

Bizit Global cuenta con Programas de Capacitación diseñados a medida de las necesidades, tiempos y características de cada organización. Estos programas dictados por profesionales de la empresa, con amplia experiencia en las distintas temáticas y los contenidos y metodología están focalizados en los participantes.

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We are moving !

Bizit Global is moving to new offices. Monday, May 3rd will be the first day for staff to work in the new space. We are now in the process of setting up a new LAN, Internet connection, and other computing infrastructure to the new location.

Our new offices are located in dowtown Cordoba, and will increase our capacity by 80% in our main production site and headquarters. Our Republica site will remain functional and operating normally.

Bizit Global achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Software marketing, design, development, implementation and support. Bizit Global is proud to announce it has concluded the certification process and to achieve ISO 9001:2008 Certification, granted by Bureau Veritas Argentina.

This certification exhibits Bizit Global's commitment to providing both high quality products and professional services to ensure their clients' success in deploying critical applications, using software designed by the company. In response to client needs and in conjunction with this certification, Bizit Global has focused and organized its service offerings so as to respond accordingly to all requirements, attending to quality, cost and time delivery compliance.

We are very proud that our organization has achieved ISO 9001:2008 Certification and we will continue to invest to ensure that our customers can depend on us to deliver the very highest quality products and services in this unique software domain, said Dino Dal Molin, President and CEO of Bizit Global.

Bizit Global undergoes executive trade mission to Silicon Valley

"USF-Silicon Valley Immersion Program" Organized by the School of Business and Professional Services ( ) of the University of San Francisco, the Sillicon Valley Immersion Program is a one week introductory program aimed at providing all the necessary information for companies looking to do business with and in the U.S.

The course included the participation of approximately 20 top executives of companies from Argentina and Chile, all of them related to the IT industry. Part of the course included visits to the major companies in Silicon Valley, including Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Oracle, among others.

Intel Argentina awards Academic Excellence Scholarship

Intel® Argentina awards Academic Excellence Scholarship Bizit Global programmer.

Under its "Intel Argentina Scholarship Program", Intel Argentina has granted scholarships every year to outstanding students from universities within the province of Córdoba, since it started operations in the city. It targets outstanding graduate students, promoting their engagement in study programs relevant to Information Technology (IT) in general. It is coordinated once a year, and for the third consecutive year, it has granted Academic Excellence Scholarships to 10 students in Córdoba.

The scholarship is valid for two years. Our own Waldemar Krumrick, a Systems Engineer student in Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Córdoba, was awarded one of these scholarships. CONGRATULATIONS TO WALDEMAR !! Intel's Scholarship Program for Argentina:


Trade Mission to Chile

Bizit Global participates in Executive Trade Mission to Santiago de Chile March 31, 2009. Santiago, Chile. Bizit Global participated in the Executive Trade Mission to Santiago de Chile, organized by the Cordoba Technological Cluster in which several companies related to the IT Industry in both countries were able to participate. This unique opportunity to interact between companies related by their industry is another step taken by Bizit Global to widen its footprint in the region and has motivated continuing relations between our company and several key players in Chile.


Start of ISO 9001:2008 Certification Process

ISO 9001:2008 Certification Bizit Global initiates the Certification process for the ISO 9001:2008 quality program. This is a major step in the company's strategic direction and will prove to meet the high standards required by our clients. The process is scheduled to end in December 2009.


Bizit Global: Certified Intel Software Partner

Bizit Global: Intel® Software Partner Cordoba, Argentina. Bizit Global concluded all necessary steps to become part of the Intel® Software Partner Program, for Argentina.


Database performance consultancy for Mc Donald's Argentina

Bizit Global chosen for database performance consultancy for Mc Donald's Argentina Cordoba, Argentina. Arcos Dorados S.A., local subsidiary in Argentina for the McDonald's Corporation, has chosen Bizit Global, in order to provide consultancy and specific software performance services for the Personnel Access Control application used in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela. These services focus on the testing the specific performance of the database of the application, in Oracle.