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Pritty: Mobile devices for collecting

Product´s Orders Management app

Pritty is a company that manufactures and distribute beverage in Córdoba, Argentina. This project born form the company´s need to upgrade in technologies of their current system to take the order for their products of their resellers. They needed an updated and flexible platform that would allow improving the app´s performance and reducing the device´s maintenance costs.

With those ideas as goal, and after a detailed analysis of their old system, we develop an app to smartphones on android and HTML5 platforms, this application allow having real time information on products, placed orders and synchronize with the central data base.

Thus, the company processes the orders when they are generated and the sellers can access real time information about the stock and Price list.

This project importance, centers on the efficiency of the new process through the implementation of a mobile development. In this project we used Android, JAVA Spring Framework, BizDrive technologies.

Implementation data and impact:

  • Daily is used by 60 sellers in the city of Córdoba and its surroundings
  • The post-sale work improved in a 80%, due the efficiency in the process of reception and sending of orders
  • The expensive previous data-collector devices were replaced with smartphones in the market with a low cost phone plan to transfer data and synchronize with central data base
  • The operator´s work, the processing of the orders taken was optimized, allowing the company to assign them to other productive tasks
  • The app provides real time information about the order placed, and the administrator can track with GPS technology the daily route of the sellers